I rarely took vitamins or supplements prior to my cancer diagnosis (which may have been a mistake) believing that I could get all the minerals and nutrients I needed from a well balanced diet. I have learned that supplements are helpful for those days you do not eat as healthy as you intended. In addition, produce grown in US soil is becoming less and less nutritious as we have used chemicals that have depleted the natural minerals in the soil over the last hundred years. I now believe I need to supplement my nutrition in order to maintain the proper vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. During my cancer diagnosis, I received recommendations to take the following supplements from my Oncologist, Dietitian, Acupuncturist and most appropriately my Naturopath which were beneficial and worth sharing. If you choose to purchase supplements, be sure to select quality as many supplements are manufactured in China and other parts of the world and as a result are not of the highest quality that your body deserves. One source I was told about is Lab Door which rates many supplements based on quality and value.

Cancer Prevention

Vitamin D is one of cancer’s worst enemies. There are have been countless studies linking Vitamin D deficiency with cancer. Unfortunately, my cancer diagnosis occurred when I knowingly was Vitamin D deficient. I was prescribed a high dose of Vitamin D but improving a deficiency can take months. When I was Vitamin D deficient, I also noticed my immunity was low even though I was eating healthy and exercising. I can’t stress the important of Vitamin D. You can get your blood tested to check your Vitamin D level and then re-tested every six months to a year. I am currently taking 5,000 IUs every day.

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