The Tight Squeeze

I’ve always cherished a good hug but this last trip to Denver as I hug my friends hello and hug them goodbye I noticed we squeezed each other tighter. I lived in Denver for eight fabulous years, found my best friends and the greatest group of friends I’ll ever know. I left the life I built in Colorado to be closer to my sister as she battled breast cancer. I made a promise to myself and my friends I’d visit Denver every chance I got. Over the last nine months I didn’t make that trip as I literally found myself fighting for my life. They sent cards, texts, flowers and all the love they could bottle up. Many even came to visit to help me battle the best I knew how. Once I was fortunate enough to feel as though I could put it behind me as well as healed enough to appreciate a good squeeze, I came to Denver for a 48 hour trip to celebrate life…a life I get to keep living. No time will be enough to spend with my friends that I so wish I got to see more. But the time we spend together was precious. As I hugged them each goodbye I felt them hold me tighter and longer as my battle reminded us all that life is not infinite and we never know what is around the corner. To my friends in Colorado may you know you have a special place in my heart. I felt your extra long hug, a hug that we both didn’t want to end, full of love and uncertainty as to when we will get to see each other again. Life is short…hug those you love longer and tighter unless of course their new boobs haven’t fully healed.


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