I rarely took vitamins or supplements prior to my cancer diagnosis (which may have been a mistake) believing that I could get all the minerals and nutrients I needed from a well balanced diet. During my cancer diagnosis, I received recommendations to take the following supplements from my Oncologist, Dietitian, Acupuncturist and most appropriately my Naturopath which were beneficial and worth sharing to counter the many side effects of chemotherapy. If you choose to purchase supplements, be sure to select quality as many supplements are manufactured in China and other parts of the world and as a result are not of the highest quality that your body deserves. One source I was told about is Lab Door which rates many supplements based on quality and value.

Peripheral Neuropathy


Drink 10 grams three times per day of L-Glutamine was recommended by my Oncologist, Dietitian, Acupuncturist and Naturopath proving its great reputation for preventing or reducing peripheral neuropathy from chemotherapy. Peripheral neuropathy is weakness, numbness, and pain from nerve damage, usually in the hands and feet. It can begin as dry skin or a burning sensation and lead to the inability to wash hands, cook meals, do dishes, button clothes and walk. My father had terrible neuropathy in his feet making it feel as though his feet were severely bruised when he walked. My sister countered some of the side effects by using L-Glutamine but we also used all natural henna on the bottom of her feet to reverse the neuropathy. I followed through with 30 grams of L-Glutamine a day while receiving Taxol and did not have any neuropathy, however, was also icing my hands and feet during chemotherapy, took Vitamin B6 and took daily Epsom soaks.

Vitamin B6

100 mg of vitamin B6 and specifically the P5P activated as suggested by my Dietitian and Naturopath was added to my regime after the first couple of weeks of chemotherapy. After I started taking Vitamin B6, I no longer felt the signs of neuropathy starting. I believe the combination of L-Glutamine, Vitamin B6, Epson Soaks, freezing my hands and feet during chemotherapy as well as protecting my hands and feet from the cold and dryness with gloves, socks/slippers, coconut oil and Vitamin E was the perfect recipe to relieve myself from the dreadful neuropathy.


My sister used henna and I also sent henna to a friend during her chemotherapy treatments. Henna is a natural way to relieve neuropathy. I was able to prevent neuropathy during my chemotherapy treatments but if you do get neuropathy, put henna on the effected area, let dry and peel off. As long as the skin is not cracked or blistered, it will relieve the neuropathy for as long as the coloring lasts. The relief will lessen as the coloring lessens. Simply reapply.

Vitamin E

I used Vitamin E oil on my scars from my double mastectomy and port placement to assist in healing as well as my hands and feet to prevent neuropathy.

Low Immunity

Coriolus – Turkey Tail Mushroom

My immune system was weak during chemotherapy. My Oncologist requested that I did not take any antioxidants as they believe antioxidants in supplement form can protect the cancer cells from the chemotherapy. I was able to eat whole foods to boost my immunity but in the midst of cold and flu season, I felt like I was a ticking time bomb until I got the next cold. My Naturopath recommended I take 1,000 mg per day of Coriolus, my Oncologist signed off, and after I started taking this I didn’t get another cold or flu. There is also a lot of research suggesting that Turkey Tail Mushroom fights and prevent breast cancer.


A common side effect of chemotherapy is mouth sores that can extend down your throat, into your nose and on your lips. I am prone to cold sores during times of stress and have learned that L-Lysine can prevent the onset of a cold sore. A girlfriend suggested I take L-Lysine. I took 1,000 mg of L-Lysine three times per day in the hope of preventing mouth sores. I did not receive any mouth, throat or nose sores and only had one minor one on the corner of my mouth throughout my three months of chemotherapy. I think L-Lysine is the reason but no specialist suggested it to me.

Alopecia (Hair Loss)


I took Silica three times daily to strengthen my hair as I used cold caps in the hope of keeping my hair (which I did!). This brand appeared to be the best quality I could find but it did take a few weeks to receive.


I took 10,000 mcg three times per day to strengthen my hair in combination with Silica. It may be sufficient to take just Silica or Biotin and not necessary to take both, however, the majority of the 90 days I was receiving chemotherapy I took both Silica and Biotin and had very minimal shedding yet expected to lose half of my hair using cold caps.

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